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AFV pictures 24, Pzh 2000

Pzh 2000 is the German made armored howitzer. With a 125mm main gun, Pzh 2000 is modern and succesful design. Many countries including Italy and Mexico operate these powerful howitzers.

AFV pictures 23, Buffalo

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AFV pictures 22, Kingtiger

King Tiger or the Königstiger was the most powerful tank of ww2. Germans began to operate it late in the war but it proved effective with its firepower and thick sloped armor. However it so heavy that it consumed a lot of gas and gas was short in supply. So many Kingtiger left abandoned without fighting because of gas shortage.

AFV pictures 21, Elefant

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AFV pictures 20, Korean XK2

AFV pictures 19, Al-Khalid

Al-Khalid is the Pakistani MBT.

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AFV pictures 18, M-113

M-113 is an armored personel carrier, the use of which began with the Vietnam war. Today, it was operated by many countries and upgraded with latest technology.

AFV pictures 17, Type-90

Type-90 is the Japanese MBT.

AFV pictures 16, T-34

T-34 was the most produced tank of ww2. The simple design of T-34 made it easy to produce at large quantities. Also T-34 was the first tank to utilize "sloped armor" which caused the antitank arms to bounce off.

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AFV pictures 15, Sherman

The American made Sherman was the main tank of the allies. It was light and therefore faster than any other German tank. But it lacked the firepower and armor which made Sherman vulnerable to German armored forces. But the number of Shermans deployed was so high that it posed a great danger to axis armies.

AFV pictures 14, Sturmtiger

AFV pictures 13, Panther

After facing the effectiveness of T-34, Germans began to design a new tank concept with a sloped armor just like theT-34 had. The result was the Panther.

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AFV pictures 12, C--1 Ariete

Italy's MBT is equipped with a 120mm main gun. C-1 Ariete was delivered to the Italian army beginning from 1995.

AFV pictures 11, Jaged Panther

A regular panther hull is adapted with an antitank gun, jaged panther was succesful against armored vehicles.

AFV pictures 10, Churchill tank

Churchill tank was used by the British in ww2.

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AFV pictures 7, Tiger

The most feared tank of ww2, tiger was produced by Germany and used in all campaigns. Tiger stands out for its thick armor and awesome firepower. It was operated by 5 crewmen. But Tiger had a few crucial disadvantages. First it was heavy and slow. This affected the tanks speed badly. Also this made the tank consume more fuel, supply of which was inadequate in the war-torn Germany. Lastly, the production of Tiger was expensive and took more time.

AFV pictures 6, Leopard 1

Germany's attemps to produce their first tank since ww2 yielded in a good result. Leopard 1 is still operated by various armies around the globe and it is still a highly effective MBT.

AFV pictures 5, T-80

An updated version of mass produces T-72, T-80 carries new generation reactive armor.

AFV pictures 4, Challenger 2

Challenger 2 is the British main battle tank. It makes use of the latest armor technology, the Chobham armor.

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AFV pictures 3, M1A2 Abrams

USA's battle-proven tank M1 Abrams is best known for its thick armor. German made L55 120mm gun is its main threat to enemy Afvs.

AFV pictures 2, Leclerc

The French have long been self-sufficient in weapon technology. They produce their own military stuff, including aircrafts and Afvs. Leclerc replaced their older tanks AMX, and in many ways Leclerc surpasses its predecessors. Leclerc comes with an automatic loading system which does the job of the loader, thereby Leclerc is operated by 3 crewmen. The Leclerc Main Battle Tank is currently used by the French army and UAE.

AFV pictures 1, Leopard 2 A6

Germany has been the leading tank producer of the world since the WW2. Their superiority in tank design showed itself with the advent of the might Tiger tanks of WW2. After the war, German engineers came up with Leopard, a fine tank still used today.
Leopard 2 dedicated to the requirements of the new century, that is faster, high mobility and firepower. Leopard 2 a6 is the latest upgraded version and its one of the best tanks in the world today.


Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) have been the most essential units of armies. WW2 witnessed the rise of AFVs-mainly tanks. Tanks spearheaded the most critical operations of the war. From the African desert to the Russian steps, tanks and armoured personel carriers were widely used. Lately both armor and firepower technology enhanced the capability of AFVs and there are different kinds each having their unique design and specifications.

This site intends to gather quality pictures of specific AFVs and give a short information for each AFV.